Author: Keith Rosenberg


The Fallen

Today I had the Honour of attending the H.O.C.S candlelight ceremony in memory of Soldiers of Suicide. I met some remarkable people there. In attendance were families of those who have lost their battle and have been taken by Suicide including Silver (Memorial) Cross mother Shelia Fynes, the mother of Corporal Stuart Langridge, and family. I was allowed to light one of the candles, but I felt as if all the loved ones of these fallen were there with me guiding my hand. It truly a moving experience.

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Why are you running

Why are you running? This is a question I have heard a lot lately. I have even asked myself this very same question. I read

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Who are the VCP? We are everyday Canadian citizens, and, just like you, we have had enough of our beautiful country being lost, destroyed, and

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Duty before self

Duty Before Self What does this mean? Well, to me, it means putting the good of the many ahead of my own personal gain. It

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