Who are the VCP?
We are everyday Canadian citizens, and, just like you, we have had enough of our beautiful country being lost, destroyed, and defaced by the current political parties of Canada. We are a Coalition of Canadian Forces veterans and first responders that have united with everyday Canadians. We are all tired of how the current parties have shown total disregard to Canadian Veterans, Canadian Aboriginal people, as well as every Canadian citizen, regardless of race and gender.

We want to put the power back in the hands of the people. We are a party of the people for the people. Our goal is to unite all Canadians with a common purpose, to bring Canada back to the people.

We are a new party that has worked hard to bring this party from the thoughts of our party founder and leader Randy Joy 2 years ago, to a recognized party by Elections Canada.

How are you different then the other political parties of Canada?
1st and foremost, aside from the already stated, once we are elected will be signing a legal document of accountability, with the Supreme Court of Canada. This document will hold each and every one of us accountable for our actions as a representative of Canada’s people.

We believe that our Vision Statement speaks volumes of what our intentions are for the Canadian people. We want to leave more money in the pockets of Canadians. We want the Canadian people to know we have their interest as our own. Our vision statement has been built based on the wishes of the many Canadians we’ve interviewed over the past 2 years, concerning what they believe would help make Canada a better nation.

How will you balance the budget without raising taxes and still honouring the sacred obligation to Canadas Veterans?
To start, we are rolling back the 6 billion in foreign aid, paying only the dues required to the UN and a 10 percent roll back on operating costs to ministries. We intend to cut down on the bells and whistles and step into the new world with video meetings and conferences instead of huge galas.

$302 billion was invested overseas with the CPPIB last year. We will be investing that money in Canada instead.

We will also divert a good deal of the 302 billion in CPP funds that is being lent out to 15 countries at .9 to 1.1 percent interest.

We will stop borrowing from the World Bank only to give the money away to other countries.

Won’t you just divide the vote?
If everyone that thinks this way voted for us, then the big three parties would be in deep trouble. The Conservatives and the PPC are the ones splitting the vote. We all know that they are really one and the same, they are just using smoke and mirrors to confuse the voters. We all know that if either one of these parties were to win a minority government, the members of the other party would cross lines to ensure a majority government. Scheer and Bernier keep telling us that Trudeau has lied, and, while we know this is true, they are counting on you not to see through their smoke and mirror diversion tactics.

What is keeping you from lying to us like the rest of them do?
I could sit here and blow smoke up your backside, but if I did that, I would be just as bad as them. If the VCP finds someone breaking our code of ethics (yes, we do have them) they will not be allowed to resign from the party as we will remove them. We also plan on introducing legislature to give YOU the voter the power to recall your MP, we will not protect them or shelter them. After all, we ARE accountable to YOU and we know that we work for you not for large corporations.

Why do you deserve my vote over anyone else?
Easy answer here: I don’t! But, if given the chance, I will prove to you that we are a party of change, and that change means going back to basics, using no-nonsense politics and not giving in to special interest groups or letting big corporations run rampant with our government. We are NOT funded by large companies, but by people like you that want the government to actually listen to them and represent them.

Are you going to toe the party line?
Our party line is, unless it comes to a confidence vote, each and every member is bound to vote how they feel the people in their riding would, not how the party leader says we have to. So, in that respect yes, I guess you could say I will.

What promises are you going to make?
Only one. To try to do my very best to act in the best interest of the people of Victoria and the people of Canada. For me to make any other promises would only make me look foolish as I can not guarantee to keep any other promises.

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