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This is from a citizen  who wanted to address all parties before tomorrows election, I thought I would share it with you all because he makes sense.

Sorry for today’s lengthy rant but this Climate thing is ridiculous!! This is an open rant to ALL political parties. For the record….I am not against those that believe but rather totally against the plan they are putting forth to fix it…I will explain….
Lets see if I got this right….we are in an alleged climate emergency. The Libs have a carbon tax that makes people use less everything because its too expensive thus lowering pollution. We then supposedly get this tax money back. In order to meet some fantasy target, which can not realistically be met without going back to stone age type civilization, the entire left wants to increase the carbon tax to some stratospheric level that no one can afford thus causing everyone to cut back even more on everything. Again, we supposedly get this money back (for now). Here is what may (will) then happen….
While all of this is going on, the Libs are killing Alberta but allowing carbon tax exempt Saudi oil to freely come in to the east coast for their buddy’s at Irving and also exempting Canada’s biggest polluters. Nice to have friends in high places!! Anyway….Small businesses will feel the pain of this tax and will have no choice but to increase their prices on goods. This will cause us to buy cheaper imported products made in the countries that are the actual world pollution leaders and eventually Canadian companies will close. Big companies supply chain will be disrupted and they will be forced to source outside Canada for their needs, in all likelihood from the cheaper heavy polluting countries. With all the price increases, people will want more money and the wage rate climbs just so people can pay their bills. As companies refuse the higher wages, workers are let go and companies shut down. Unemployment skyrockets and we fall into massive recession. Canada is fracturing and divisive policies abound!!
So its election time again in 4-5 years and the Libs say, as an election promise, they will take (you don’t get it back anymore) the money from the carbon tax and selectively “invest” it into Canada to stimulate the economy!! The left is thrilled!!! Cue the music and confetti…..they just bought themselves 5 more years with our money and NOTHING has been done to solve the world climate emergency. Zero, zilch, nada!! The big pollution countries and companies have become even bigger polluters due to the demand for their products and our country and economy is in the toilet. Yes, I know, probably the biggest “The sky is falling” theory you have ever read……but……the sad part of this is all of this is totally avoidable……
If this said Climate Emergency does exist and we are serious about changing it, start putting a tariff, fee, climate assessment, duty, call it whatever you want on all products coming into Canada from heavy polluting countries. Our Boreal forest in the north is cleaning their pollution up anyway so start charging them for it. Make them change!! If they dont, we have lots of money to fund all kinds of “green” everything from this new “Global Climate Assessment Fee” without killing the Canadian economy and because we are becoming greener (plant trees), our environmental impact goes down. We meet realistic targets and it slows the polluters down as well due to less importation of “dirty products”. “Canadian Made” might be a little more expensive but we will have more dollars to spend due to less taxation. We might also get some companies staying or even coming back to Canada because of this new green incentive business formula. Our economy booms and the world is saved so to speak. You want to fund all those “free everything” election promises, here is your ticket. The Left should be thrilled because the climate emergency is being progressively addressed. The Right will be happy because the economy is booming!
Unfortunately, all of this too is a fantasy because those that are funding the Globalist mentality today, (Soros, Clinton, pretty much the whole radical left) and putting forth the Climate Emergency solution plans will never let it happen. This plan keeps the money in our hands and not theirs and they will never allow that.
A Frustrated Citizen

I would also like to add  the following;

“Climate changes has been occurring for since earth was capable of a Sustaining life. 10,000 years ago this area was under 1km thick glaciers. Adapting to the changes is most important factor. Ensuring our infrastructure can withstand changes in weather. Buildings, roads Towns protected from annually flooding. Proper enforcement of environmental regulations, no longer granting free passes to corporate polluters. Enforcement of protection of environmental protected areas. No longer bowing down to corporations wanting to exploit our forests, with no plan to reinvest back into replanting of trees. Regulation of cleaner fuels for home heating and automotive use. The protection of our ocean fishing resources from foreign fisheries Canada is the second largest country in the world, we have the largest boreal forest, containing 252 Billion trees, we are 1.6% of the man made CO2 but absorb far more than that, unfairly holding Canadians accountable by taxation for world CO2 emissions will not stop other nations from continuing to add to CO2 emissions.”

Randy Joy
Party Lead
Veterans Coalition party of Canada

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